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Hello World!

February 24th, 2019 - 2 min read

Welcome to my blog!

I'm writing here short guides and articles about things I'm working on. It will be mostly frontend stuff but can be anything tech related.

I'll also publish some posts on Patreon but here I'd like to check it's possible to get a better writing experience.

I don't like writing on Patreon that much because there are some features missing. The following features would improve the posts on Patreon:

  • Codesandbox embeds for the final result
  • Code snippets with-out using an image from so it's possible to copy/paste snippets.
  • Embedding Tweets would be nice too

Why I'm not writing on Medium?

I first thought about writing on Medium but then I read a Tweet from Dan Abramov where he mentions that his posts were behind a paywall and he doesn't want that. Now Medium answered to his tweet and it's possible to opt-out from the paywall if the author wants to make the post available for free.

Not perfect but I think that's OK. I also like the paywall concept of Medium because it's possible to earn with posts by clap count. The more claps a post gets the higher will be the payment for the author (I need to check how the split is 90% author / 10% Medium?)

I started this blog because I'd like to learn more about Contentful and Gatsby. And creating a personal blog is the perfect start. I think Medium is doing a great job and I really like reading posts there but I'm not happy with the writing experience for technical posts there - mainly because of the missing Javascript syntax highlighting.


If there is anything wrong or not a good practice in my posts please let me know. DMs at Twitter or Gitter are always open - so we can chat about anything coding related.

You can also leave me a comment below.

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